Campus Infiniti

A great example of Alan Lowe Architect Inc.’s commercial design success is highlighted by the the Campus Infiniti Showroom at 3361 Oak Street in Victoria, BC. At 8,500 square feet, the showroom features a facetted 4-sided structural silicone glass wall that acts as a focal point for the design and adds energetic but modern forms that are solid, but seem to glow from within. The butt glazed system has a white fritted pattern and areas with frosted diffusers. Aluminum composite metal panels, stucco and stone veneer complete the building and ties it in with the surrounding buildings.

Campus Acura

This renovation and addition to a building devastated by fire in 2007, creates a modern building complementing the other two Campus car dealerships. The new curtain wall and composite aluminum panel showroom with aluminum rooftop louvers creates a new look for a tired building. The existing concrete block structure has been transformed into service bays for Campus Acura and Infiniti.

Campus Honda

Campus Nissan

Garnet Office Building

Royal Oak McDonald’s

Royal Oak Shopping Center


King Lasik Building

Argus Building on Fort Street

Cordova Bay Shopping Center